Best SIM Cards in Switzerland [2023 Guide] | (2023)

Best SIM Cards in Switzerland [2023 Guide] | (1)

Switzerland is an attractive holiday destination and a fantastic place to live in. But it’s an incredibly expensive country where prices on mobile and roaming are among the highest in the region. In all cases, you will need to have a local SIM card to stay connected with the outside world if you don’t want to spend hundreds of Francs.

Best SIM cards in Switzerland in 2023 are:

  1. Swisscom – InOne mobile prepaid basic
  2. Sunrise – Prepaid Airbag
  3. Salt – Prepaid
  4. Nomad and Airalo – For travelers

Salt prepaid SIM card is the only option where you don’t pay an activation fee. Other providers charge 19,90 CHF, which includes 20,00 CHF credit.

Don’t let high roaming charges ruin your Swiss experience. Switzerland is already expensive enough, so you don’t want to spend the rest of your money on mobile. Getting a local SIM card is more affordable and easier than you think. In this article, we have picked the best SIM card deals for Switzerland, whether you stay long or short-term. Additionally, we explain Swiss mobile networks and much more.

If you are visiting Switzerland or staying for a short time, a SIM card from Airalo would be the best choice.

Which prepaid SIM card is the best in Switzerland?

Best SIM Cards in Switzerland [2023 Guide] | (2)

No matter if you are a vacationer, a seasonal worker, a student, or expat, you can stay connected while in Switzerland. Everyone should consider getting a SIM card when abroad. Compared to the data roaming tariff in your home country, Swiss prepaid SIM cards are much cheaper.

Prepaid data plans with a volume of 5 GB start at around 10 CHF/month.If you are looking for a more extensive tariff with calls, SMS, and 5 GB of data, you usually pay more than 30 CHF/month.

Prepaid SIM cards in Switzerland

No matter how long you stay in Switzerland, buying a local prepaid SIM card makes sense. The biggest benefit of prepaid SIM is that you don’t have to sign a contract, and you can pay as you go without the obligation to deposit money every month.

Plus, you get instant access to the internet, calls, and SMS within the country. However, data is pricey in Switzerland, even with a local SIM card.

Roaming is costly in Switzerland. For instance, with a German SIM card from Vodafone, you pay 15 EUR for a maximum of 50 MB of data roaming per day.

Whereas 5 GB might cost you only 9,95 CHF with a Swiss SIM.

If your mobile plan luckily includes data for Switzerland, then you don’t necessarily need a separate SIM. Telekom is one such provider. Otherwise, such cases are very rare.

1. Swisscom

Cost:between 2 CHF per day and 9,90 CHF per month.
Pros:Best network provider in Switzerland and the most reputable company.
Cons: Expensive.

Swisscom is the largest mobile provider in Switzerland. In addition to their in-house SIM cards, there are plenty of third-party providers you can pick from. They all operate on a Swisscom network.

Currently, about 6,738 million customers are using SIM cards run on Swisscom with an excellent quality-price ratio. Keep in mind that Swisscom is also the most expensive provider.

Be aware that the SIM card itself costs 19,90 CHF, where 20 CHF is your starting balance. Swisscom has three main prepaid deals:

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InOne mobile prepaid basic – 0 CHF

  • Data:2 CHF per day unlimited; speed 50 Mbit/s
  • Calls: 0,29 CHF
  • SMS:0,15 CHF

InOne mobile prepaid go – 5 CHF per month

  • Data:unlimited with max. speed 128 kbit/s
  • Calls: 0,29 CHF
  • SMS:unlimited

The package includes only very slow internet speed; this might be very frustrating to use. Forget about watching videos on your phone.

InOne mobile prepaid young – 9,90 CHF per month

  • Only available for customers aged between 7 and 18 years old
  • Data:unlimited, where 500 MB high-speed, after that 128 kbit/s
  • Calls: unlimited
  • SMS:unlimited

You can always book an add-on to your prepaid tariff with Swisscom. These can be:

  • Additional mobile data for Switzerland
  • Additional mobile data for abroad
  • 100 minutes of calls in Switzerland
  • Unlimited calls in Switzerland
  • Speed boost

2. Airalo

Cost:from 9 CHF per month.
Pros:Best SIM cards for travelers and short-time visitors.

Airalo is the best SIM card provider for digital nomads and travelers who don’t plan to live in the country but rather will stay for a short period of time. This company offers SIM cards for over 190 countries. In Switzerland, its SIM cards run on the Sunrise network.

You can preorder it online before you travel, so it takes away the hustle of trying to buy or order a SIM when arriving in the country. The SIM card will be activated (the validity period starts) when you land and connect to the network.

With Airalo, you can choose between global coverage or opt only for usage in Switzerland.

There are four main plans you can choose from in Switzerland:

  • 7 days validity with 1 GB of data for 9 CHF
  • 30 days validity with 3 GB of data for 18 CHF
  • 30 days validity with 5 GB of data for 27 CHF
  • 30 days validity with 10 GB of data for 39 CHF

Keep in mind that packages include only data for the internet. It doesn’t provide you with a local number, but you can easily make calls via apps like Whatsapp.

3. Nomad

Cost:from 8 CHF per month.
Pros:Cheapest SIM card for Switzerland.

Nomad is a digital eSIM marketplace for travelers and, as the name might say – digital nomads. You will get affordable data plans anywhere in the world, including Switzerland.

You can pick from several Swiss plans:

  • 30 days validity with 1 GB of data for 8 CHF
  • 30 days validity with 3 GB of data for 15 CHF
  • 30 days validity with 5 GB of data for 17 CHF

If you need more data, have a look at these packs:

  • 30 days validity with 10 GB of data for 24 CHF
  • 30 days validity with 20 GB of data for 34 CHF

Optionally, you can book additional data via the app. For example, 1 GB costs 8 CHF, and 5 GB costs 17 CHF. You decide how much you want to add.

Similarly to Airalo, Nomad gives you only internet data but no calls and SMS (but who needs it nowadays anyway). After the validity is over, your plan will expire.

4. Sunrise

Cost:from 0,75 CHF to 2,50 CHF per day.
Pros:Overall good deals.
Cons:High activation fee.

Sunrise has 2.99 million customers in Switzerland and so the second most popular provider. With a Sunrise Prepaid plan, you only pay for what you use – no contract, no minimum duration.

(Video) Buying a Sim Card for Switzerland at Zurich Airport

There is a one-time SIM activation fee of 19,90 CHF (which includes CHF 20 CHF of free credit).

Here are the most popular prepaid plans from Sunrise:

Prepaid unlimited – 2,50 CHF per day

  • Data:Unlimited 4G+ data for 2,50 CHF per day
  • Calls:Unlimited calls in Switzerland
  • SMS:Unlimited SMS in Switzerland

With unlimited SIM, you can:

  1. Surf, call, and chat in Switzerland
  2. You only pay when you use it

Prepaid Airbag – Pay as you go

  • Data: 100 MB 4G per day – 1,2 CHF per day
  • Calls: 0,30 CHF per call
  • SMS: 0,20 CHF
  1. You only pay for what you use
  2. High-speed data for the first 100 MB/day, then reduced speed – overall, 100 MB should be enough for texting on WhatsApp and a little bit of Instagram here and there.

Prepaid Young – Pay as you go

  • Available for everyone under 30
  • Data: 100 MB 4G per day – 0,75 CHF per day
  • Calls: 0,25 CHF per call
  • SMS: 0,25 CHF

5. Salt

Cost:1,99 CHF per day to 9,95 CHF per month
Pros:Good transparent deals, easy to use, no activation fee.

Salt offers a fair prepaid SIM card that gives you everything needed. It’s free and totally up to you how much you want to spend. There is only one prepaid plan.

You can also choose to purchase SIM for 20 CHF, where the total amount will be available as a balance on the card.

Salt Prepaid – Pay as you go

  • Data: unlimited for 1,99 CHF per day; 150 Mbit/s speed
  • Calls: 0,49 CHF per call (60 min max)
  • SMS: 0,12 CHF

Alternatively, you can book mobile data at a fixed price which is valid only in Switzerland. This might be cheaper than paying for an unlimited plan:

  • 100 MB for 3 CHF
  • 500 MB for 9 CHF
  • 1 GB for 15 CHF

You can also buy a SIM card just for the internet. The basic plan includes 5 GB of data for Switzerland and costs only 9,95 CHF per month. New customers can choose between various contract duration ranging from 1 to 24 months.

Salt surf – 9,95 CHF

  • Data: 5 GB with maximal speed
  • Only internet

Besides prepaid SIM, Salt has a wide range of other mobile options, but they include a high activation and SIM card fees.

Here are some other popular prepaid SIM cards in Switzerland:

SIM cardIncludedDownload
NetworkPrice (CHF)
Lidl Connect Prepaid500MB375 MbpsSalt4,90
Migros M-Budget Plus500MB50 MbpsSwisscom5,00
Mucho Data Mini2GB50 MbpsSwisscom9,90
Digital Republic Flat 10Unlimited10 MbpsSunrise10,00
Coop mobile prepaid1,5GB100 MbpsSwisscom14,90
Digital Republic Flat 50Unlimited50 MbpsSunrise8,00

How to top up the balance on a prepaid SIM card

You can top up funds at any time, regardless of where you are:

  • In online store
  • In a store
  • In a Mobilezone branch
  • At SBB ticket machines
  • At the ATM
  • In one of the partner shops
  • At the post office
  • At the kiosk

Cheapest prepaid SIM card

If you only need an internet prepaid surf package from Salt is the cheapest on the Swiss market. You get 5 GB of data for just 9,95 CHF per month.

Salt surf – 9,95 CHF per month

  • Data: 5 GB with maximal speed
  • Only internet

In addition to the above-mentioned SIM cards, you can also find one on the Swiss online comparison tool. They offer a pretty thorough overview.

Best mobile network in Switzerland

Best SIM Cards in Switzerland [2023 Guide] | (3)

Swisscom has the best network in Switzerland. Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt are Switzerland’s three main mobile network providers. Swisscom is the leading company. In 2020, it received an outstanding note for its connectivity.

Second comes network provider Sunrise and Salt landed in third place with a rating of very good.

These are the primary network providers; however, you will see smaller companies that sell SIM cards to customers. All of them are using one of the main networks. Here are popular Swiss SIM cards providers and the networks they are using:

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SIM card providerNetwork
Lidl ConnectSalt
Aldi SuisseSunrise
Talk TalkSunrise
Coop Mobile Swisscom

Best SIM card for the internet

Swisscom and Sunrise networks have the fastest speeds and the most comprehensive 5G coverage. However, if you are looking for the best SIM card provider, Airalo is the winner.

They run on the Sunrise network and cost a fraction of what you will pay for a SIM card sold directly from Sunrise company.

Sunrise network showed the fastest speeds for uploads in smaller Swiss cities. The Salt network is a bit behind but still offers great internet speed.

Swisscom provides an average download speed of 94.2 MBit/s, making it the fastest mobile network. Sunrise has an average internet speed of 76.5 MBit/s. Lastly, Salt shows an average speed of 53 MBit/s. The results of the upload tests should show a similar ratio.

Overall, speed isn’t something you need to worry about when it comes to the internet in Switzerland. The price, on the other hand, is something to consider. The best price-value ration SIM card for the internet is one from Airalo.

  • Data: 3 GB with maximal speed
  • Only internet
  • Price: 18 CHF
  • Valid: 30 days

SIM card in Switzerland for tourists

What SIM card is the best for visitors in Switzerland? As a tourist, you especially need a flexible plan, billed preferably daily or weekly.

As a tourist, the best SIM card deal is either an eSIM from Airalo or inOne mobile prepaid basic from Swisscom. Airalo costs 9 CHF and gives you 1 GB of data, and Swisscom goes for 19,90 CHF, but 20 CHF will be deposited as a credit.

With Swisscom, you pay 2 CHF per day for unlimited internet. It’s a great option if you stay only a few days in Switzerland; you pay only for each day and not per month as with many other mobile plans. So if you plan to stay for 10 days, it will cost you only an initial 19,90 CHF.

In addition, you can check out this comparison site. Just enter your preferences on the left.

Generally, when traveling to Switzerland, you 100% will need to get a local SIM card. Switzerland is outside the EU & Schengen and doesn’t provide roaming free internet like most other European countries.

Besides, roaming on mobile the internet is painfully expensive if you decide to use a foreign SIM in Switzerland.

However, if you want to use a Swiss SIM in Europe, it’s not a good option. Internet data included in Swiss mobile plans can be used only within Switzerland. Consequently, you will pay high roaming fees in other countries.

Where to buy a SIM card in Switzerland

In Switzerland, tourists and locals can buy a prepaid SIM card in numerous places:

  • Airports
  • Supermarkets e.g. Migros and Coop
  • Shopping malls
  • Discounters, e.g., Aldi and Lidl
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Telecom shops of a respective network provider, e.g., Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, and Mobilezone
  • Electronics stores, e.g., MediaMarkt, Interdiscount and Melectronics
  • Post offices

Documents you need

Fortunately, everyone can buy a SIM card in Switzerland. You only need to have a valid ID with you.

Can you order the prepaid SIM card online?

It’s also possible to buy a SIM card online. In that case, a provider will send a SIM card by post – but for this, you need an address in Switzerland. Without a Swiss address, you can purchase it online.

(Video) Best Europe SIM Card 2023 | International SIM Card Lyca Lebara Europe

In some cases, ordering a SIM to your hotel or Airbnb can be a viable option.


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Best SIM Cards in Switzerland [2023 Guide] | ›

To get a Swiss SIM card, you need a valid ID (passport or identity card). You can buy one in regular shops, in electronics stores, at the main train station, at the airport, in operators' shops, small shops, at the post office. Credit to top your card can be bought at the same places, or online.

Which SIM is best for roaming in Switzerland? ›

Best eSIM in Switzerland
  • Switzerland/Pilatus Mobile 1 GB eSIM for 7 days – most popular with Phone Travel Wiz readers.
  • Switzerland/Pilatus Mobile 2 GB eSIM for 15 days.
  • Switzerland/Pilatus Mobile 3 GB eSIM for 30 days – very popular with Phone Travel Wiz readers.

Which SIM cards work in Switzerland? ›

Best SIM Cards In Switzerland For Tourists
  • Switzerland has three main providers: Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt. ...
  • inOne mobile prepaid SIM Card.
  • Prepaid Flatrate (Unlimited Calls, Unlimited SMS, Unlimited data)
  • Prepaid Unlimited.
  • Prepaid Airbag.
  • Unlimited Europe.
Feb 14, 2023

Can I buy a SIM card in Switzerland airport? ›

To get a Swiss SIM card, you need a valid ID (passport or identity card). You can buy one in regular shops, in electronics stores, at the main train station, at the airport, in operators' shops, small shops, at the post office. Credit to top your card can be bought at the same places, or online.

Which mobile network is best in Switzerland? ›

Who has the best network in Switzerland? According to Swiss Mobile Network Test 2022 by Connect (in German only), Swisscom has the best network in Switzerland, closely followed by Sunrise. Trailing by a slightly wider margin, Salt places third and last among the Swiss network providers.

Do I pay for data roaming in Switzerland? ›

Switzerland is a Go Roam in Europe destination which means you can use your data here at no extra cost. If you have an Add-on with a data allowance of 12GB or greater, a fair use limit applies, with use over 12GB subject to a surcharge (see below).

How do I get roaming in Switzerland? ›

Get ready to roam Checklist to use your phone abroad
  1. Switch roaming on by texting ROAMING to 150 (it's free).
  2. Or you can do this in your device settings. ...
  3. Check your phone is set to automatic network selection. ...
  4. If you make any calls over WiFi Calling while abroad you'll be charged our standard international rates.

Which sim card works in all Europe? ›

A global sim card is a prepaid sim card that can be used in multiple countries, including Europe. The main advantage of a global sim card is that you don't have to worry about purchasing a new sim card with a new phone number every time you enter a new country.

Can I use an international sim card? ›

International SIM cards can help you stay connected when you travel abroad. They allow you to use your own phone and existing cellular plan while in another country. With these SIM cards, you can make voice calls, send text messages, and get online with your mobile device.

What app can I use to get a Switzerland number? ›

Sign up with Ringover to get a local Swiss phone number.

Can I use my Iphone in Switzerland? ›

Will my phone work in Switzerland? The short answer is yes. You can use your cellphone in a more or less as you generally do at home. Although, of course, there are some differences depending on the model of your device and which alternative of those we will present you decide to use.

Should I get an international SIM card to travel? ›

An international SIM card is a type of SIM that can access mobile data and be used for calls and text services on almost any network from any carrier. International SIM cards are neat because they eliminate many of the problems associated with roaming and local or regional SIMs.

How to get WiFi in Switzerland? ›

By Carolina S.
  1. Options to have internet in Switzerland.
  2. Holafly eSIM to have internet in Switzerland. ...
  3. SIM card to have internet in Switzerland (Purchase in physical stores)
  4. Pocket WiFi to have internet in Switzerland (Buy or rent)
  5. Free WiFi to have internet in Switzerland (Public places)
Feb 13, 2023

Which 5G network is best in Switzerland? ›

Swisscom takes home awards for 5G Availability and Reach

Swisscom is the first operator to win the 5G Availability award in Switzerland — our users on this network spent 13.3% of their time with an active 5G connection.

Which is the best Switzerland WIFI? ›

The Best Internet Providers in Switzerland

Sunrise, Swisscom, and Salt are Switzerland's most well-known DSL and cable providers. Swisscom is the market leader in mobile communications and controls a significant share of Swiss telephone lines.

Which SIM has best network coverage? ›

Airtel SIM: #1 Mobile Network Provider in India.

How do I avoid roaming charges? ›

Check your Cellular Data options and turn off Data Roaming. In the Settings app, tap Cellular, or Cellular Data, or Mobile Data. Turn on Cellular Data, then tap Cellular Data Options. Turn off Data Roaming.

How can I use my iPhone in Europe without charges? ›

Go to: Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming. Turn off. (To make it easy, the iPhone even says “Turn data roaming off when traveling to avoid charges when web browsing and using email and other data services.”)

Do you get charged for receiving texts abroad? ›

Receiving text messages is free worldwide, regardless of country.

Does Switzerland have SIM card? ›

The most convenient place to buy a Switzerland prepaid sim card is on arrival at the international airport. At Geneva Airport there is a dedicated phone store and you can also buy a Swiss sim card at the currency exchange. At Geneva airport you also find sim cards from Lycamobile, Lebara and Yallo.

Do I turn roaming on for international? ›

Roaming makes it possible for your mobile device to connect to foreign networks that are outside your local carrier's coverage. So, if you want to stay connected to the internet when you travel, turning on roaming is one of the options you can use.

Is it cheaper to buy a SIM card abroad? ›

Buy a Local SIM Card at Your Destination. A local SIM will not only give you the best rates, but also access to local discounts. This is undeniably the best option if you don't want to consign yourself to enduring expensive phone calls, scavenging free wifi, or returning home to an exorbitant bill.

Can I use my US SIM card in Europe? ›

You can also use your American smartphone in Europe by replacing your phone's physical SIM card with a SIM card of a European mobile carrier so your phone will operate on a European network. UPDATE: Most new phones are eSIM compatible—which doesn't require you to install a new physical SIM card.

Do American phones work with European SIM cards? ›

Almost all modern mobile devices are compatible with European cellular networks, so you should be able to use your phone in European countries without interruption. So yes, you can buy a phone in the US and use it in Europe.

What happens when you put an international SIM card in your phone? ›

An international SIM card or travel SIM card allows you to connect to a local network in various countries around the world. In this manner, you can avoid excessive roaming fees that your local operator or carrier may charge when you are abroad.

Do you have to unlock your phone to use an international SIM card? ›

In order to use a foreign SIM card in your phone, you'll need to get your phone "unlocked" by your mobile carrier. Make sure to call ahead as sometimes it can take a few weeks for the request to go through.

What is the difference between international roaming and roaming? ›

Roaming covers all mobile communications made directly from a foreign country. In other words, SMS, MMS, calls and mobile data use made via a foreign mobile network at the time you are in that country. International, on the other hand, is the sending of SMS, MMS or calls from Luxembourg to other countries.

How to get a SIM card in Switzerland? ›

They can be bought in regular stores, dedicated telecom stores, bus stations, and airports. To buy a SIM card in Switzerland, you will need to have a valid ID. Also, note that since Switzerland uses a GSM network, CDMA phones are not supported. The price for a SIM card by Swisscom and Sunrise is 19.90 CHF.

How do I use my cell phone in Switzerland? ›

Like other countries in Europe, the Swiss use the GSM network for mobile communications which means that getting connected will be easy for most new arrivals. However, even if you are coming from a country that uses the alternative CDMA network, your smartphone should still work in Switzerland.

Does WhatsApp work in Switzerland? ›

WhatsApp, owned by US company Meta (formerly Facebook), is the most widely used messaging application in Switzerland. According to surveys quoted by Swiss media, it is the application of choice for more than 80% of people among 16-64 year-olds in the country.

How do I avoid iPhone charges when traveling internationally? ›

Turn off Data Roaming or prepare for a trip. Need to avoid roaming charges because you arrived at your destination without an international data plan? Check your Cellular Data options and turn off Data Roaming. In the Settings app, tap Cellular, or Cellular Data, or Mobile Data.

How do I charge my US phone in Switzerland? ›

Switzerland uses type C (2-pin) and Type J (3-pin) plugs. You should be able to use standard Europlug (2 pin Type C) adapters on Swiss plugs.

How do you make sure I can use my iPhone internationally? ›

What should I do to my iPhone when traveling internationally?
  1. Make sure your iOS, apps, and browsers are up to date.
  2. Download a VPN app if you plan on using public Wi-Fi.
  3. Don't post on Facebook before leaving on vacation.
  4. Unlock iPhone for international use.
  5. Put your favorite TV shows/movies/music on your device.
Sep 6, 2022

What is the difference between a SIM card and an international plan? ›

When you buy a new SIM card, you can use your device but your phone number will change. An international roaming plan allows you to use both your phone and your phone number when you travel abroad.

Is it better to travel with eSIM or physical SIM? ›

Learn about the benefits of traveling with eSIM

It's more secure than a physical SIM because it can't be removed if your iPhone is lost or stolen. With eSIM, you don't need to obtain, carry, and swap physical SIM cards (which can also be lost), or wait for them to arrive by mail.

Can I use my Verizon SIM internationally? ›

Our international plans let you use your phone in more than 210 countries and destinations outside the US: TravelPass: For $5/day in Canada and Mexico* and $10/day in other countries, you can use your domestic plan's talk, text and data allowances just like you do at home.

Is Wi-Fi free in Switzerland? ›

Luckily, Switzerland is a country that has a wide range of places with free Wi-Fi access. If you are travelling to Switzerland for the first time, a free Wi-Fi map can be very handy. The map will show you the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspots in your area.

How to rent a pocket WiFi in Switzerland? ›

iSpot Connect. Native to Switzerland, iSpot Connect is one of the best options for renting a Pocket Wi-Fi in Switzerland. Their pricing is quite competitive, offering their weekly plans for a price of $74.90 USD, which would be $10.7 USD per day.

Is the Wi-Fi good in Switzerland? ›

Switzerland ranks as the country with the fastest internet speeds, taking only 54 seconds to download one hour's worth of content on Netflix. Following closely behind are France, Sweden and the USA, all providing residents wait times of under one minute to download 1GB of Netflix.

Who provides 5G in Switzerland? ›

5G at Swisscom

At Swisscom, 5G is already included in your mobile subscription. However, you only get the currently available maximum speed of 2 Gbit/s with the inOne mobile Premium and the inOne mobile Data XL subscription. Swisscom offers the Premium Speed Option for this.

What is the difference between 5G and 5G+ Swisscom? ›

5G offers good area coverage outdoors and indoors and enables speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s. 5G+ refers to the use of 5G with high bandwidths and offers download speeds of up to 2G Gbit/s.

Which is the fastest network in Switzerland? ›

Swisscom. Swisscom is Switzerland's Speedtest Awards Winner for mobile network speed during Q1-Q2 2021. To win this award, Swisscom achieved a Speed Score of 83.37, with median download speeds of 73.65 Mbps and median upload speeds of 20.70 Mbps.

Who has the best unlimited Wi-Fi? ›

AT&T Internet dominates our list of the Best Unlimited Home Internet Plans in 2022 due to relatively affordable pricing, great customer service compared with its competitors and a wide variety of packages and bundles.

What Wi-Fi companies are in Switzerland? ›

Which Swiss Internet service providers are included in the comparison? The unbiased comparison from includes these Swiss Internet service providers, among others: GGA Maur,, Init7, iWay, M-Budget, monzoon, Quickline, Salt, Solnet, Sunrise, Swisscom, TalkTalk, Teleboy, Wingo, Yallo.

Which SIM gives unlimited data? ›

The Wraptel International Data SIM Card offers low cost Unlimited Mobile Data in over 150 countries. Choose the Unlimited Data Plan that is right for you & insert the SIM in your device to activate!

What carrier has the best cell coverage? ›

Verizon has the most nation-wide coverage, while AT&T and T-Mobile are neck and neck, and Sprint is far behind coming in last place. The group of four major cell phone providers in the U.S. is known as the Big Four, and it includes Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.

How much does a SIM card cost? ›

Typical price for an airport SIM is in the range of ₹500-1000 including some airtime and data worth of about ₹250 (as a 2 GB per day plan for 28 days). As the max. sales price for a starter is quite lower, this includes a premium of ₹100-500 for the vendor.

Which SIM is better for roaming? ›

Lebara: Best roaming SIM only deal for India

Even better, they also include at least 100 free minutes to 42 destinations around the world, including India, Australia, Canada, Israel, China, the US, New Zealand and Thailand.

Is Switzerland part of free EU roaming? ›

Despite close relations with the EU in several fields, the regulations do not apply to Switzerland. Monaco, Andorra and San Marino have cooperation with the EU, like usage of the euro, but not free roaming. The United Kingdom left the EU in the end of January 2020.

Which is the best mobile network for international roaming? ›

Vi offers the best international roaming plans with free data, free SMS, free incoming calls, and free outgoing calls.

Does O2 charge for roaming in Switzerland? ›

Going abroad on Pay As You Go

If you're travelling to Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco or Switzerland, you can stay connected with O2 Travel Pay As You Go. For £1.99 a day, you'll get 100MB data. Calls back to the UK and within these five countries cost 4p a minute. It's free to receive calls.

How do I choose which SIM to use? ›

To set default SIM for calling in Android smartphones, tap on the settings options and navigate to Network & Internet or Wireless & Networks. Under the option, open the dual SIM settings of your smartphone. In the menu, you will get the option to select a specific SIM when you make a call.

Which networks do not charge for roaming in Europe? ›

Roaming charges in Europe
ProviderChargesWho is affected?
PlusnetNo extra charges on up to 15GB of data-
Sky£2/dayAll customers
SmartyNo extra charges on up to 12GB of data-
TescoNo extra charges until 'Late Spring 2023'Pay-monthly users who joined or upgraded from 16 June 2022
11 more rows
Apr 25, 2023

How do I avoid international roaming charges? ›

Check your Cellular Data options and turn off Data Roaming. In the Settings app, tap Cellular, or Cellular Data, or Mobile Data. Turn on Cellular Data, then tap Cellular Data Options. Turn off Data Roaming.

Will my EU SIM card work in Switzerland? ›

The best full-featured SIM Card that can be used in Switzerland and the rest of Europe is the Orange Holiday Europe SIM. If your phone is eSIM compatible, I recommend the Orange Holiday Europe eSIM or the Holafly Switzerland eSIM. For the best service, you'll need to buy a local SIM card once you arrive in Switzerland.

Is Switzerland in the EU roaming agreement? ›

Data roaming charges were abolished in EU countries in June 2017, meaning that you can use any minutes, text and data in your allowance in those countries at no extra charge.

Is it better to get an international SIM card? ›

An international SIM card is a type of SIM that can access mobile data and be used for calls and text services on almost any network from any carrier. International SIM cards are neat because they eliminate many of the problems associated with roaming and local or regional SIMs.

How do I know if my SIM is international roaming? ›

Navigate to the settings app in your phone. Click on the button that says, “Network & Internet”. Go to the Sim Card option in your phone and select it. The new screen will show you options like data roaming or roaming setting.

Which mobile SIM network is the best? ›

If you want to buy the best SIM card in Nigeria, I recommend going with either MTN or Airtel. MTN has the best network, but it is also the most expensive option. Airtel has the fastest speeds in Nigeria. Glo used to be the second-best, but its speeds have suffered over the years.

Is WhatsApp free for abroad? ›

If you use WhatsApp while your phone is roaming, data charges might apply. Contact your mobile provider for more information about roaming in other countries. If you don't have an international data plan, we recommend you turn off: Mobile data and data roaming to avoid data roaming charges.

What countries are included in O2 Europe zone? ›

48 destinations are included in our Europe Zone: Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus*, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, ...

Does O2 have unlimited roaming? ›

O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On

Perfect for travelling outside Europe. Get Unlimited minutes, texts and data roaming in our O2 Travel Inclusive Zone. Find out if you're eligible.


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