How to Make Money With LionBridge (Hourly Pay~$14) (2023)

Lionbridge is one of the oldest microjob platforms known for its high pay rate(around $14 per hour) in the industry. People from all over the world can apply for a variety of jobs there, regardless of their backgrounds. You have the option of working from home on your own schedule and can get paid for finishing tasks and projects. Here are some questions you may have on your mind right now –

  • What is Lionbridge and What do They Do?
  • Is Lionbridge a Legitimate Microjobs Website?
  • What Kind of Jobs/Tasks does Lionbridge Offer?
  • How to Make Money on Lionbridge?
  • How Much Can I Earn Through Lionbridge?
  • How and When Does Lionbridge Pay?

Without any more delay, let’s try to find out answers –

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What is Lionbridge and What do They Do?

One of the best crowdsourcing platforms, Lionbridge has been around for more than 20 years and uses its more than 1 million crowd workers to help businesses develop closer relationships with their customers.

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They assist their clients in creating and enhancing their AI products by offering services like linguistic, artificial intelligence, and data quality. Here are a few examples of their services –

  • Content Services – Like technical writing, scientific articles, financial reports etc.
  • Translation and Transcription Services – includes software/website/app localization, interpretation, multilingual SEO, Video Transcription etc.
  • Testing Services – includes compatibility and interoperability, user interface testing, performance and accessibility testing.
  • AI services – Text annotation, image annotation, data annotation services, content moderation etc.

Is Lionbridge a Legitimate Microjobs Website?

Lionbridge is a 100% legitimate website that has paid a lot of money to remote workers all around the world and was recognized as the best large employer by Forbes in 2019. The company operates in 26 countries and works for several prestigious companies like Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Facebook, Lenovo, BMW, Ford, Audi, GM, Porsche, Credit Suisse, BlackRock, JP Morgan, GSK, J&J, Philips, CVS, Expedia, Singapore Airlines, Tripadvisor, 3M, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Nike, Sony, Rolls-Royce, Siemens etc. Flexjobs has awarded Lionbridge as the No. 1 company in 2021 for remote jobs. There are uncountable positive reviews about Lionbridge on the internet. Like many others, I too received payment from Lionbridge. The company has been around for a long time and provides real jobs.

What Kind of Jobs Lionbridge Offers?

One of the best things about Lionbridge is that they offer a wide range of opportunities like Content evaluation, Annotation, Transcription, language jobs etc. You can work as a web content assessor, map analyst, social media evaluator, media search analyst, ads Assessor, language expert, internet safety evaluator, and transcriptionist. To get more ideas about job types, visit and look for various departments mentioned in the top left panel.

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How to Make Money on Lionbridge?

It may take a few weeks before you get your first project with Lionbridge, but they are generous when it comes to hourly pay. Let’s understand what you need to do in order to make money with Lionbridge –

Registration and Recruitment Process – visit . Find a suitable job that you can complete successfully.

You can search for jobs by various criteria, including cities, departments, and job titles. Once you have found a suitable job that matches your skills, click on it. You will be taken to a page where you can view all the information about that job, including the qualifications, what is expected of you, working hours, pay, and other specifics. You will find a button that says “Apply now” at the bottom of thepage. Click on it. You are now on the Lionbridge recruitment application page. Create a user account.

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Make sure you provide all the information correctly. Tell them about your work experience. Upload an attractive resume if you have one. Upload the required documents and submit the application. Accept Non-Disclosure agreement. Wait for their email about your acceptance. It might take a few days before you receive an acceptance email after you apply for a job. I submitted myapplication on January 13 and heardback from the company on January 29.

Complete Tests/Assessments – You will receive links to tests you must pass, such as a brief English or Hindi language test, as well as instructions for joining Work Market (the Lionbridge portal where you submit your work). Tests will be related to the project you applied for. You will need to thoroughly study the material provided because the Search Engine Evaluator exam can be very challenging, drawn out, and divided into several parts. Some projects can be started immediately without having to pass an exam.

Complete Tasks – Lionbridge now has your evaluation score and notifies you whenever there is work available for you along with the resources you need. Read the instructions carefully. Submit tasks. Keep checking for available jobs in your country every day. Apply whenever you come across something you like. Workers having an iPhone have advantages in completing image/video collection projects. If you are chosen for a project, you will be contacted with information on how to get started, instructions, and pay rates. There is also a limit of minimum and maximum working hours per week(typically 20) depending upon task availability. Some projects pay per hour while others pay per task. Data collection jobs usually pay per task or submission. Always focus on quality rather than quantity. You end up receiving more projects as a result. Every microjobs website has its own mechanism to monitor the quality of submissions by workers.

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Get paid – You get paid for every task you complete successfully via whatever payout option you have chosen depending upon your location. PayPal and Direct Transfer are their default payout options.

How Much Can I Earn through Lionbridge?

It will depend on a number of variables, including your location, your skills, the difficulty of the job, and the availability of projects. Your location is important because I have seen projects that pay American workers up to double what Indian workers are paid for the same amount of work. A challenging job pays better than an easy one. Lionbridge pays between $10 and $15 per hour on average, which is higher than the majority of comparable crowd-sourcing websites. Given that you have worked throughout the month at this pay rate, you could earn more money than you would in India at a full-time government job.

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How and When Does Lionbridge Pay?

Depending on the projects you worked on, Lionbridge pays through Direct Bank Transfer and PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is $20. Payable sums that fall below the minimum payout threshold are carried over to the following month. The payment cycle is NET-45 means January earnings are deposited into your bank account around the 15thof March. It takes them around 15 days to create invoices and another 30 days to process payments.

This was all for this post. Share if you find it useful.

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