University of Washington Boot Camp: Reviews, Cost, and Comprehensive Guide (2023)

University of Washington Boot Camp Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

The University of Washington (UW) Boot Camp teaches advanced tech skills to prepare you for the modern tech industry. It offers web development and financial technology (fintech) courses. In this University of Washington Boot Camp review, find out what makes its programs competitive and worth checking out.

What Is the University of Washington Boot Camp?

University of Washington Boot Camp Quick Facts
Start DatesCoding:
September 13, 2021 (Full-Time)
July 26, 2021 (Part-Time)
August 11, 2021 (Part-Time)
LocationsSeattle, Online
CoursesCoding, Fintech
Available ProgramsFull-Time, Part-Time

The University of Washington Boot Camp is offered through UW Professional & Continuing Education (UW PCE) in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. Through this initiative, UW’s programs aim to accelerate your skills and knowledge to be highly competitive in your future tech career.

Is the University of Washington Boot Camp Worth It?

Yes, the University of Washington Boot Camp is worth it. UW boasts a league of skilled instructors that are behind its success. In 12 to 24 weeks, you can either become a web developer or a fintech professional. You learn by doing through these programs, and you will work on a lot of projects either by yourself or as a member of a team.

The programs are conducted during the weekends or weekday evenings. Even if you are employed, you will not have a hard time attending and keeping up with the classes. Once you graduate from the program, you are eligible to use UW’s career services, and they are more than ready to provide you with support along the way.

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Once you graduate, you will have access to Demo Day, a quarterly networking event to showcase your final project. You will also receive your Certification of Completion and will have access to UW crash courses on coding Python, Java, C#, Amazon Web Services, and more.

University of Washington Boot Camp Job Placement

There is no available data on the current job placement rate of UW Boot Camp. Nonetheless, being connected with Trilogy Education Services is a good association in itself. Through Trilogy Education Services, you have an opportunity to get hired at over 2,000 companies, including in the Fortune 100.

Does University of Washington Boot Camp Offer a Job Guarantee?

The University of Washington Boot Camp does not offer a job guarantee. However, it offers career support and one-on-one coaching to its graduates through a career director. You can utilize services including portfolio reviews, resume assistance, and technical interview training.

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UW has an alumni group of local and international alumni, giving you connections to a friendly network of web developers and fintech professionals. UW bootcamp graduates have an opportunity to work on open-source projects to further demonstrate their coding skills.

How Much Does the University of Washington Boot Camp Cost?

The tuition cost for both the coding bootcamp and fintech professional bootcamp is $12,995. This amount covers your program studies with UW, including postgraduate career services and job assistance. The tuition cost for full-time and part-time schedules is the same.

How to Pay for University of Washington Boot Camp: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

The University of Washington Boot Camp is part of the UW Professional and Continuing Education (PCE). Its financial aid and scholarships are extended to this program, and you can apply for them to pay for your bootcamp tuition. There are no income share agreements available. Below are some of the offerings and suggestions from PCE.

Financial Aid

If you are taking a program as part of your admission into a University of Washington degree, you may apply for financial aid. Currently, federal financial aid is not given to those taking UWPCE certificate programs or courses. However, you may connect directly to the UW Office of Student Financial aid to find out if you qualify.

Employer Educational Assistance

The programs offered by UW are designed so you can continue working while studying. If you are taking a program as part of the professional education initiative of your employer, then you can ask for financial assistance from them.

Private Loan

UW is not connected to a lender and will not recommend a credit company to you. However, you can apply for a private loan to fund your education. You can directly talk to UW’s Office of Student Financial Aid for information about loan repayments.

Loan Deferment

If you need loan deferments, UW can help provide confirmation to back you up. This way, you can request that your loan be paid only after you complete your bootcamp program or after you find a job. The arrangement will depend on what will be agreed on between you and the institution offering the loan.


There are two scholarships offered by UW that qualified students can utilize. The UWPCE Lifelong Learning Incentive provides a $300 discount for a non-credit certificate program if you are a graduate of a bachelor’s degree from UW. The AmeriCorps Education Awards are given to students who have completed their services in AmeriCorps to cover tuition and fees.

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GI Bill

Current and former military service members can use their veteran benefits to pay for their bootcamp tuition. You need to contact UWPCE Registration Services to arrange the payment and receive authorization.

University of Washington Boot Camp Locations

Normally, classes are held at the University of Washington campus located in Seattle. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only online classes are currently available. There are no plans or announcements for in-person classes at the time of writing.

University of Washington Boot Camp Courses

The University of Washington Boot Camp offers students two major programs on web development and financial technology. Its coding bootcamp is designed for those who want to work in web development. Meanwhile, its fintech bootcamp is made for those who want to delve into using technology to improve financial transactions.

University of Washington Boot Camp Prep Courses

As the programs in UW are curated with professionals in mind, there is a presumption that you have at least a beginner’s level knowledge of coding and other related tech skills. UW does not offer separate introductory courses. Still, you may check out boot camp prep courses from other schools and platforms that you may take to prepare before class starts.

Coding Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Learn all about web development and web design through the University of Washington’s Coding Boot Camp. Within 12 to 24 weeks, you will acquaint yourself with the in-demand skills needed to learn full stack web development. The curriculum will enable you to gain skills that will make you employable in the industry.

During your first few weeks, you will strengthen your skills and knowledge in coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create dynamic and functional websites. You will be working on React and Node, which are iterations of interface-side and server-side JavaScript. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn Python, Java, and C#.

Aside from coding, you need to build your foundational knowledge in computer science and database theory. Hence, you will also work on coding SQL to manage databases and ensure the security of data. Data protection is an important component of web development to safe keep the information of your intended users.

Fintech Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Finance needs the power of technology to provide accurate reports and data to the world. This program will help you utilize technology to guarantee the safety and ease of financial transactions. Within 24 weeks, you will be acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

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The first agenda of this program is to train you in Python programming because it is the most popular language used in fintech. You will be working on various financial libraries and dive into machine learning to learn how to automate processes. This program also covers smart contracts, blockchain, and more.

Studying in this program gives you real-world experiences as you will be working on live financial data sets. Your projects can answer or provide solutions for actual finance industry issues. Your portfolio will be filled with projects to showcase to potential employers.

This is an online part-time program done on an online basis, so it is easier to study while you work. You can attend classes around your schedule and will have knowledgeable instructors and TAs to assist you. The end goal is to level up your skills in fintech, Python programming, blockchain, and more.

What Is the University of Washington Boot Camp Schedule?

You can either attend a full-time or part-time schedule. The coding bootcamp program is offered on either a full-time or part-time schedule, while the fintech bootcamp is only offered on a part-time basis.


A full-time schedule is available for the UW coding bootcamp, enabling you to complete the program within 12 weeks. The program may be taught during evenings or weekend sessions.


A part-time schedule is available for UW’s coding and fintech bootcamps. The classes are held at night and during the weekends in consideration of students who are currently working.

How to Get Accepted Into University of Washington Boot Camp

The application process for the University of Washington Boot Camp is different from the open enrollment of other programs. You need to go through an interview and assessment to qualify. Check out how to apply for a coding or fintech bootcamp in UW below.

University of Washington Boot Camp Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for the University of Washington Boot Camp is not available.

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Application Process

To ensure a smooth application experience to get into the University of Washington Boot Camp, follow this step-by-step process.

  1. Fill out UW Boot Camp’s application form. Prepare the necessary documents that you need to submit together with the form.
  2. You will go through an initial interview with an admissions advisor to get to know your background and motivations to take the program.
  3. Once the advisor recommends that you move forward, then you will take a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment.
  4. After qualifying in the interview and passing your assessment, you can proceed to pay for your tuition to reserve your slot.

Interview Questions

There are no available interview questions for the University of Washington Boot Camp. Still, since the initial interview will be about your background and motivation, below are some questions that might come up during the interview.

  • What is your current work, if any? Why did you decide to apply for a bootcamp program at the University of Washington?
  • Do you have prior experience in coding? What are some of the programming languages that you have mastered?
  • If you have worked on a coding project before, can you describe your process and efforts to complete it?

Is the University of Washington Boot Camp Right For You?

If you want a strong coding or fintech bootcamp, you should attend the University of Washington Boot Camp. The University of Washington has a long-standing reputation in providing continued learning. UW takes professionals into consideration to provide continued learning or give them a chance to change their careers.


How much does University of Washington bootcamp cost? ›

How much work is involved? Tuition for any UW bootcamp is $12,995. Interest-free monthly payment plans and early-registration discounts are available. Students can apply for a $500 scholarship through Course Report.

Is University of Washington coding bootcamp worth it? ›

Aside from the intensive training, University of Washington Bootcamps are worth it because they also provide students with a wide range of career services. This includes resume and portfolio reviews, technical interview training, mock interviews, and more.

Is paying for a bootcamp worth it? ›

Bootcamps offer cost-effective training for professionals in the tech industry. Coding bootcamps provide a shortcut to tech careers, with starting salaries of $70,000. Employers increasingly see bootcamp graduates with skills comparable to bachelor's degree holders.

How many times a week should I do boot camp? ›

In contrast to yoga or pilates, bootcamp and HIIT classes will really work your body. For that reason, trainers recommend that you don't do bootcamps or HIIT workouts every day. You should take bootcamp classes about once a week and definitely not more than twice a week, with at least two days off in between them.

What is the most respected coding bootcamp? ›

The Best Coding Bootcamps 2023 Overview
  • BrainStation.
  • Coding Dojo.
  • Flatiron School.
  • General Assembly.
  • Hack Reactor.
  • Springboard.
  • Tech Elevator.
  • Thinkful.

Is a coding bootcamp enough to get hired? ›

Do Coding Bootcamps Get You Jobs? The short answer is yes. The best coding bootcamps boast a job placement rate within six months of graduation of over 80 percent. Specifically, Coding Dojo students have an 84 percent placement within six months and a 91 percent placement within a year.

Do coding bootcamp grads get hired? ›

Yes. According to a survey of 46 bootcamps by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, almost 80% of coding bootcamp students had landed a job within six months of graduation.

Do people get hired from coding bootcamps? ›

Companies that hire coding bootcamp grads include large tech companies, small tech startups, and non-tech companies. Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook have all hired bootcamp graduates, as have other notable tech companies such as Vimeo, Scribd, and Vroom.

Is it better to go to college or bootcamp? ›

Widely recognized as the gold standard for education, a college degree is often a worthwhile investment. On the other hand, if you're looking to learn a specific professional skill or enter the workforce quickly, a bootcamp or certificate may better suit your career goals.

Is a bootcamp as good as a degree? ›

While the degree sets you up with a solid foundation, a bootcamp teaches you specific skills that you can use immediately in a job. "Both have merit, but from an employment perspective, bootcamps provide more concrete evidence of a candidates' skill than a degree does."

What percentage of bootcamp graduates get jobs? ›

Over 70% of coding bootcamp graduates find employment in the industry after 180 days, according to CIRR data.

What are the disadvantages of boot camp? ›

Limited Personal Instruction: depending upon how many are in your group, the instructor may not be able to provide enough feedback regarding your form and technique. One Size Fits All: a boot camp workout is designed with some basic exercises that should accommodate a variety of different fitness levels.

How often do you get your phone in boot camp? ›

Trainees will use cell phones only under direct supervision of a staff member. 4. Trainees are authorized access to their personal cell phones during the fourth week and at the end of the seventh week of training to firm up travel arrangements with family and guests.

Can you fail a bootcamp? ›

Yes, it is possible to fail basic training. You could go through the trouble of leaving your home, job, family and friends and come back a failure. In fact, this happens to about 15% of recruits who join the military every year.

Do employers take coding bootcamps seriously? ›

Graduates of the best coding camps generally are ready for many high-demand jobs. Many prospective tech professionals ask, "Are bootcamps worth it?" According to graduates' employment success and the two studies below, the answer appears to be yes.

What coding is most in demand? ›

Top 8 Most Demanded Programming Languages in 2022
  1. 1 - JavaScript / TypeScript. Since its creation to make the firsts websites dynamic, JavaScript hasn't stopped gaining popularity over the years. ...
  2. 2 - Python. ...
  3. 3 - Java. ...
  4. 4 - C# ...
  5. 5 - PHP. ...
  6. 6 - C/C++ ...
  7. 7 - Ruby. ...
  8. 8 - GO.
Dec 11, 2022

What is the hardest coding program? ›

Malbolge. Malbolge was invented in 1998 by Ben Olmstead. This esolang is considered to be the most complicated programming language.

How much does it cost to get a bootcamp? ›

Median Coding Bootcamp Costs
Full TimePart Time
All Programs$13,500$7,500
Bootcamp Short Courses (1-8 weeks)$8,500$4,750
Immersive Bootcamps (9-16 weeks)$13,500$6,250
Longer Bootcamps (17+ weeks)$17,780$8,800

Does UW offer full ride? ›

If students are admitted to the UW and qualify for the Husky Promise, we promise to pay their tuition. The Husky Promise guarantees full tuition and standard fees will be covered by grant or scholarship support for eligible Washington state students. You will not have to pay back these grants and scholarships.

How much is UWS coding bootcamp? ›

What is the tuition cost of the program? Our part-time program costs $11,995*. Scholarships and payment plans are available for those who qualify.

What are the cons of boot camp? ›

Limited Personal Instruction: depending upon how many are in your group, the instructor may not be able to provide enough feedback regarding your form and technique. One Size Fits All: a boot camp workout is designed with some basic exercises that should accommodate a variety of different fitness levels.

Do bootcamps look good on resume? ›

A bootcamp program is absolutely good to put on your resume. Not only does it shine a light on your skills and education, but it also shows that you have the dedication and work ethic to successfully complete a comprehensive and often rigorous program.

What are the chances of failing bootcamp? ›

​Yes, it is possible to fail basic training. You could go through the trouble of leaving your home, job, family and friends and come back a failure. In fact, this happens to about 15% of recruits who join the military every year. Too many recruits I speak to think that it is impossible to fail basic training.

What GPA gets you a full ride? ›

Since the minimum GPA for a full-ride scholarship is usually set at 3.5, a 4.0 is sure to always be above and beyond what's required. Keep in mind that while a strong GPA does help, it's not the only deciding factor.

What is UW famous for? ›

Ranked the 10th best global university,* the UW is home to a renowned medical center and top-ranked programs in medicine, engineering, nursing, law, business and social work. The UW is the country's top public research institution and one of the oldest universities on the West Coast.

Is a full ride completely free? ›

A full ride scholarship is an award that covers all expenses related with college. This includes tuition, books, fees, room and board, and possibly even living costs. The goal is to remove any need for additional financial aid.

Which coding bootcamp has the highest employment rate? ›

Which coding bootcamp has the highest employment rate? New York City-based Codesmith reports that more than 89.4% of graduates were employed within six months after graduating in 2021. Just over 85% of graduates from Codesmith's Los Angeles location secured full-time employment in the tech industry within six months.

What are the best coding schools in Seattle? ›

Based on student reviews, the top schools in Seattle are Nucamp, Thinkful, Springboard, Kenzie Academy - Software Engineering and General Assembly.


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